Press Release Targeting

Easypresswire gives you the advantage of targeting various geographies. We assist you in reaching the target consumers, media houses and financial communities. Easypresswire provides you an innovative platform to connect with news agencies as well. Our reach to media is industry specific. It focuses on technology, bio sciences, entertainment, automotive, etc.

News Dissemination

We ensure that your news occupies the consumer mind spaces for a longer time along with better recall value. We make sure that the news that comes to our digital platform is circulated effectively and suits your required business demands.

Financial Disclosure

Our clients rely on us. Keeping their information intact is something that we are highly regarded for. We believe in building long trusted relationships. We ensure that the news you provide is verbatim distributed to regulatory authorities, media analysts, investors and all the related targets.  

Investor Relations

Our portfolio is diverse; we not only have brands, organizations and institutions but are also connected to the investor community. If some of our clients are looking to reach out to these investors we help in connecting the dots.

Financial & Analytics

We at EPW aggregate and collect the data by maintaining on our clients performance in market & related coverage. Our report provides you the knowledge about the performance of each release. It carries information related to the number of people viewed, the amount of traffic generated and the amount of data being searched by users that helps in tracking the progress.


Search Engine Optimization services of our company helps you in improving the organic search result listing on Google. Our SEO services help in ensuring that site is accessible to a search engine and ensures you are easily found & ranked up. We work with various keywords which let you come on the top by increasing the number of visitors to the website.