Affiliate Marketing: A Big Step in Real Estate World by Rajan Arya

Posted On Wed, December 23, 2020, 12:18 PM
Affiliate Marketing: A Big Step in Real Estate World by Rajan Arya
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Rajan Arya, Chief Digital Officer at big realty firm Investors Clinic, has launched an affiliate marketing network under the name Revenue Dealer. Rajan Arya says affiliate marketing can make a boom in the real estate world. You can earn money in three different approaches as a real estate affiliate marketer through Real Estate Affiliates. The first module is CPM/CPV (Cost Per Impressions/Visits), where you get paid when traffic is sent to the advertiser. The second module is CPL (Cost Per Lead), in which you get paid when referrals get registered and submitted their contact details with the advertiser. And the last module is RevShare (Revenue Share), in which you earn a commission on each transaction when a referral generates traffic via the advertiser.

Revenue Dealer intends to target people interested in earning profit and raising income through the real estate business. The company delivers its services in real estate to its partners, consumers, and builders with a unique way of affiliate marketing. Real estate affiliate marketing could be reckoned amid the high-ticket affiliate programs that require well-defined proficient knowledge of the industry.

Run Campaigns with Revenue Dealer

Targeted Advertising campaigns are the most successful way to generate traffic, and business leads in real estate affiliate marketing. Choose Revenue Dealer as your Affiliate Partner, which offers you an affiliate marketing platform with the best results. Real Estate Affiliate Marketing is easy to understand and hard to overlook. Set up your real estate affiliate marketing programs, and you’ll soon be on your way to generate good business from affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing in the real estate sector is an incredible way to monetize your existing client base, keep your users engaged, and generate profits in the long run. It is a Mae West if you are going out of cash because it’s the tool that can boost earnings and obtain time till the next funding round.

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