Hodusoft Announce Web Conferencing Software for Media and Entertainment Industry

Posted On Thu, March 12, 2020, 1:17 PM

Hodusoft, a unit of Ecosmob, global VoIP technology innovators, announced web conferencing software tailored to suit demanding requirements of media and entertainment industry. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “Ours is the best conferencing software based on WebRTC with quite a few tweaks by way of API integrations. The result is enhanced security, HD quality audio and HD video with no issues of jitter or lag. There are no sync or latency issues.” 

He went on to elaborate why Hodusoft’s conferencing is ideal for media and entertainment. This industry relies heavily on collaboration between various professionals at different levels. These individuals or teams may not be in one location. The conferencing system lets everyone get together in an online virtual face to face meeting during which they can carry out a lot of useful, productive work. Teams can make presentations. Actors can be auditioned. Artists can display their talent or play audio clips. Producers can show the work they have done and directors can use it along with scriptwriters and producers to review script. They save time and effort they would otherwise expend on travel. Work gets done faster. Problems are resolved on the spot, all thanks to the conferencing solution for media. 

Individual artists can promote themselves using the conferencing solution, making use of its HD video and audio features to make a pitch. Likewise, directors can use it for casting purpose and find talent anywhere. Selection becomes an easy process. The software permits recording, review and sharing of interactions. In fact when a casting process is in progress the director can dial in a producer or another assistant to make it a conference. 

Financiers certainly would like to be kept in the loop about a project’s progress. Here too, Hodusoft’s conferencing solution helps directors and production team share work done and keep everyone involved in the project updated about its status. The software can also be used to elicit reviews from critics as a way to introduce agile changes. 

Unlike normal conferencing solutions that rely on specific hardware-software combination, Hodusoft’s conferencing simply works in a browser. This means anyone can join a chat or conference and one can use a desktop or mobile for the purpose. Hodusoft has incorporated advanced security encryption on top of WebRTC’s security features to provide an additional layer. API integrations take care of ensuring crystal clear audio and perfect sync with jitter and lag-free video since the software automatically adjusts depending on internet connection and bandwidth available. 

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