Hodusoft Announces Call Center CRM Integration Services for Banks

Posted On Thu, March 05, 2020, 11:34 AM

Hodusoft, a unit of global VoIP tech leader Ecosmob, announced availability of CRM-call center software integration services for banks. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “Call center software raises customer experience level in banks but without proper tie in to a backend CRM, services can be less than satisfactory. Hodusoft provides CRM integration into call center software service for banks.” 

Hodusoft is a channel partner of Zoho, one of the leading CRM solutions. As such it can offer Zoho integration to existing call center solutions in banks. This is one way. Hodusoft also provides a complete package that includes call center software and Zoho CRM as an integrated solution for banks. This comes along with installation, set up and training for bank employees to make the best use for customer services. Yet another way it can provide services to banks is to put in place its online call center software and tie it with the bank’s existing CRM such as Freshdesk, Sugar, Zendesk or SalesForce. Banks have the flexibility to choose an option that suits their budget and present situation. 

CRM is vital for call center operations and customer service. It captures new customer’s data and helps drive business. Existing customers receive better service since the CRM shows their account details to the bank employee handling the call. Even if a customer dials into the IVR the CRM fetches details and presents options that are relevant to the caller. There is increased accuracy, reduced time of handling customers and reduced costs. Banks usually serve thousands of customers and calling up records takes time which entails delay. The CRM usually identifies existing customers by their phone number and helps in speedy services. 

With the call center software-CRM combination banks can easily program outbound marketing campaigns as well as carry out surveys. Whether it is inbound calls or outbound calls, every activity goes into the CRM for detailed analytics at a later stage and that helps banks to improve customer satisfaction levels at all touchpoints.

Even employees benefit when they have immediate access to customer records. It is easy to assign tickets, carry out actions or transfer the call even as managers monitor the transaction. 

Hodusoft carries out integration of CRM with call center software using URL based integration, Web toolbar integration, Chrome toolbar extension or with the use of APIs. Hodusoft’s team has expertise acquired after years of development and API integrations and it is backed by its parent company’s expertise in VoIP as well as AI to include smart features not found even in more expensive solutions. 

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