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Roli Prajapati, a six-year-old, who was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Noida on April 27,2022, saved about 5 lives by donating her organs and becoming the youngest donor in history of AIIMS, Delhi.

Roli Prajapati was shot dead in her head after which her parents rushed her to the hospital. Due to the severe injury, she went into a coma and was then referred to AIIMS, Delhi. Where she was declared brain dead.

AIIMS Neurosurgeon lauded the parents of the patient for donating the organs and saving five lives. The organs for the donation were her kidneys, both corneas, liver and heart valve.

Though the step was not easy for the parents at such a moment, they decided to donate so that their daughter would be alive in other people’s bodies and be the reason for their smile.


This real incident is an inspiration to all by proving the possibility of organ and tissue transplantation in India. 

Transplant India gives you the chance to become an organ donor in Mumbai. If you choose to become an organ donor you can save many lives. It's not only about the patient in need of a donation, it’s also about the loved ones of the needy. In a case where the patient might be the only source of income for a family, the whole family would have to face several difficulties. So, here’s how you can save all of them from getting into such difficulties:

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  3. Inform your family about your decision - This is the most important step as your family must be aware of your decisions so that they can honour your wishes if and when the situation arises.

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