Motivated employees key to make an organisation World Class : Tapas Dasmohapatra

Posted On Thu, December 23, 2021, 5:55 PM
FICCI organised Virtual Workshop on Building World Class Organisations

“When employees are taken in consideration then only world class organisations can be created. The motivated employees are the key assets as well as resources to become world-class organisations”, said Mr Tapas Dasmohapatra, Co-Founder, Possiblers at the virtual workshop organised by FICCI Rajasthan. He added that people join any organisation with lot of enthusiasm and learning appetite and it’s important to have clearly laid out and communicated career path. Any ambiguity on this front is detrimental to the ideation, creativity and passion. Similarly, AMC viz Autonomy, Meaning and Contribution, plays an important role is keeping the human resource motivated. 

He further added that as organisation grow old, it is held hostage by the processes and SOPs built over the years and organisation should always be a learning and adapting organisation willing to question the relevance of such processes in current scenario. Reward and recognition also play an important role besides why, what and how of functions. He also shared many inspirational and motivational thoughts through real life examples. During the workshop Mr Tapas Dasmohapatra gave following ideas, with the help of Story Telling, to become world class organizations :-

• Building world class attitudes among your people

• • Career paths to be built and communicate to people

• Organization as a learning university – A learning culture to be created in organization and people should be heard

• • Reward and recognition to employees is very important

• The change has to be communicated to stakeholder and hand holding to be given 

Earlier, Mr Sunil Kumar Yadav, Chairman, FICCI Rajasthan Sub-committee on HR, Skills & Education and Advisor, Honda Car India Ltd delivered welcome remarks during the virtual workshop and said that World-class organizations are not built overnight rather they are built with many efforts. Like people are a function of their habits, organizations are a function of its practices.

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