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Posted On Sun, November 06, 2022, 9:48 AM home decor online store furniture delivery all India review

Most of you will know that has been providing home decor and furniture goods for some yars now . They are based in Bangalore and their manufacturing hub is in Moradabad . The main items they provide are in metal and steel

They have an extensive metal wall art collection . They also have other metal wall decor items like clocks and mirrors and some murals , though murals i found to be lacking in quntity so we decided to reciew by purchasing some items for our prestigious customers . That is how people should review any site or store as almost everone including god as good and bad reviews and ratings .

We ordered a side table first in black marble top and golden frame below and it come in good condiition and good finishing . The polish was smooth and even and looked very shiny and glossy so we liked it a lot.

So naturally we didnt stop there , we decided to buy some more and see the delivery details . ofcourse furniture and metal items will take some time to deliver . its not like shirts or shoes which comes lot faster . i found that the side table took 13 days to reach Mumbai so that was kind of ok and maybe fast for furniture but iit was a small item.

We found that had losts of items on cod basis so we decided to give that a go and we ordered a macrame swing for another customer in chennai . This was a golden color beautiful adult swing with cushions and matresses . I guess you have seen and know ahat mascrame swinngs are 


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Yes this was the beautifuk thing we ordered and it was completely on COD basis . so has cash on delivery for many items . we talked to their sales manager and they said we do not have COD for furniture but we do have cod for all other products . which means that you can trust them blindly because how can a fake or fraud company gove cash on delivery ? its impossible and they also have returns for damages etc .

So we ordered 2 more cash on delivery wall dcor and wall clocks just to see and yes they sent us the items . The only drawback we saw was that COD or cash on delivery had to be done through whatsapp as they did not have the option integrated into their website . so I think if they had it would be good , but they said that all fake customers would come and order and it was a big headache so they take COD through whatsapp only.

Now for the finale we got an order for an SS PVD  dining table with marble top with 6 chairs , yes a six seater dining table full set in SS steel with marble top. 

Quite a sight it was , yes sir 

We got delivery within 3 week whih was totally fine by us and so thats it . we checked and purchased directly on site and there were many options all of which worked smoothly

Our verdict , you can trust blindly !!

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