Top 5 Automatic Cars in India under 10 Lakhs

Posted On Thu, June 17, 2021, 1:59 PM
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India: Automatic cars are gaining popularity in India, especially in the mass-market segment. With growing congestion and cities expanding, rides are also getting longer. The demand for automatic cars is further expected to grow as the Indian customer is looking for a comfortable driving experience with better mileage. Small cars with automatic transmission are now available at affordable prices and multiple gearbox options. This gives buyers a considerable range to choose from and is helping the automatic segment grow.

In India, key automatic transmission technologies include traditional Automatic Transmission (AT), Automated-Manual Transmission (AMT), Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) and Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG). Appended is the list of top five automatic cars that are available within the budget of Rs 10 lakhs.

1. Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI AT

The flagship model from the stable of Volkswagen In India, Polo shifted to the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI engine and a 6-speed torque converter in 2020.  Price range (Polo AT): Rs 9.59 lakh - Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom)

2. Maruti Suzuki Baleno / Toyota Glanza CVT

Maruti’s Baleno and Toyota’s Glanza are feature-loaded, efficient, and reliable hatchback options that Indian customers can go for. Price range: Baleno - ₹ 7.91 Lakh to 9.30 Lakh / Glanza - ₹ 8.54 Lakh to ₹ 9.30 Lakh (All Prices Ex-Showroom)

3. Honda Amaze CVT

The super fuel-efficient Honda Amaze offers umpteen space and comfort to its buyers and more so when you consider its CVT variants. CVT is available in both petrol and diesel. The Honda Amaze is the first and only diesel-CVT available in India. This Honda’s sedan car has been getting a good market response since its launch.

Price range: Rs 7.93 lakh - Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom)

4. Nissan Magnite / Renault Kiger

Both the compact SUVs from the Renault-Nissan alliance comes loaded with a bunch of features and scored big in terms of sales in India. The two cars have the same underpinnings and drivetrain options. The Magnite CVT is available in three variants - XL, XV and XV Premium. While Kiger is offered with X-Tronic CVT in two variants - RXT and RXZ.

Price range (Magnite CVT): Rs 8.39 lakh - Rs 9.89 lakh (ex-showroom)

Price range (Kiger CVT): Rs 8.60 lakh - Rs 9.75 lakh (ex-showroom)

5. Hyundai Venue 1.0 Turbo DCT

The compact SUV, Hyundai Venue is popular among buyers for its attractive looks, features, and automatic gearbox option available within the budget of Rs 10 lakh. The Turbo version features a 118bhp three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, mated to a cutting-edge 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This arrangement is suitable for daily driving and high-speed cruising as this engine gearbox is refined, smooth and powerful.

Price: Rs 9.78 lakh (ex-showroom)

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