EasyParcel Introduces Easy Quotes for any Type of Courier

Posted On Fri, May 13, 2022, 2:00 PM
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Easy Parcel

Easy Parcel

EasyParcel, a delivery service booking solutions provider, is taking its service an extra mile to offer a sheer level of convenience to its users and customers. Now, you can easily get instant quotes before even selecting the parcel services.

The additional feature can act as a resolute to users who are just trying to collect estimates about the parcel booking. The 'Easy Quotes' Add-on will help you get the details such as the time of shipping, the time required for the parcel to reach the destination, the price of parcel booking, and so on.

How to use Easy Quotes

The best thing about EasyParcel is that the website has showcased every great feature on its landing page. As soon as you open the homepage, you will see the Easy Quotes Section. There, you can put the state name along with the pin code from where the parcel is being sent. Same way, add in the state name and the correct pin code of the destination. Go on to fill out the simple form by adding in the weight. You can estimate the weight of the parcel and put in the figures even if they are not precise. The automated machine learning of the logistic service provider you are selecting will categorize the weight in the preferable slab. After this, just press the quote and book tab in pink color.

It is not necessary to book the quote after adding in the details. You can just check the pricing and decide whether to book later or not book at all.

Other features

EasyParcel is always light on false advertising and heavy on helpful features. Let’s take a good look at some of the quintessential features the website offers


Under the Quote features, you can compare the pricing of all courier services available for your destination and place of origin. You can set the benchmarks as per the quotes of different agencies and then decide on choosing a good courier company in Malaysia.

Airway Bill

Under this remarkable feature, you can yourself print the airway bill which is automatically generated from our online portal. You can add it to the courier. No need for those handwritten slips anymore. You can portray professionalism through well-composed airway bills on your packages with the best courier services.

Pickup and Drop-off

Don’t have all the time in the world to visit the courier office again and again? Worry not as EasyParcel offers pickup services from your chosen courier agency. If you are traveling, you can still manage by leaving the parcel at a suitable drop-off point.


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