Event highlights of the webinar "Future Of Spend Management" conducted by Group Futurista.

Posted On Mon, January 24, 2022, 5:43 PM

Group Futurista successfully hosted its webinar on “Future of Spend Management” on the 18th January 2022. The Webinar was hosted by key host and various speakers who were experts in the field.

During the webinar, the hosts and the speakers had a discussion about spend management. Aneal Vallurupali from Airbase said that modern companies are committed to decentralized spending as it's the most efficient way to deploy capital. He later talks about the need for automation in which he mentions “We’ve seen a massive improvement in the last 3-4 years, how quickly are these finance teams able to close up books faster by reducing the number of manual processes that don’t scale.”

Dr. Frances talks about the future of corporate and supplier partnerships where it was mentioned that the prospective growth of partnership services requires the existence of dependable and resilient digital systems driven by emerging technologies and data analytics; innovative business models and ecosystem connections, seamless online experiences, combine with enhanced security, privacy, and user control; improved corporate financial control, quick financial decision making, and the ability to make and receive payments within seconds. In conclusion, it was added that data and Technology are the Frontier of Corporate and supplier partnership in the emerging digital world. They enable innovation with enhanced data access, safeguard and share privacy to only trusted partners. With Data and Technology, corporates will become a bigger player in supplier partnerships management. 

At the end, there was an engaging discussion between the host, speakers, and the panelists on the future of Spend Management in 2022 and beyond: Trends that we can't afford to miss.

The event was concluded with an invitation to everyone to be a part of the upcoming webinars by registering on the website of Group Futurista.  

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