Telecom infrastructure sustaining livelihood and businesses during the lockdown period in Rajasthan

Posted On Mon, October 19, 2020, 1:04 PM
Amid the ongoing situation, Indus Towers’ enabled 99.99% network coverage in Rajasthan to benefit people with access to essential services

Jaipur: At a time when the outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted people and businesses alike, the power of telecom infrastructure enabled connectivity has helped in managing everyday lives and ensuring business continuity. While there have been businesses which weren’t able to survive the challenges brought about by the pandemic, there have been cases where businesses were able to successfully adapt with the help of internet and telecom connectivity. Take for example, Manjari Bhutra from Jaipur, owner of Picture Box, an outdoor video shoot studio that was launched in February 2020 just before the nationwide lockdown. The outbreak of COVID-19 paused her entire project and operating expenditure was making the business unviable. She decided to make her business available online and in a short period time, there were over 1000+ followers on social media which also led to immense popularity through word of mouth resulting in continued booking even in testing times.

Similarly, the pandemic severely disrupted the education sector impacting schools, teachers, students as well as tutoring centres.  When Mukund Chaudhary, a teacher running a private tutoring centre- SSM Classes for 10th to 12th standard science students in Jaipur, faced this situation, he decided to take his centre online and continue coaching 30 students. For Studio Owners like Manjari and teachers like Mukund, the ongoing situation forced them to find innovative digital ways to adapt their work for the new normal – telecom infrastructure-based connectivity helped. 

“I am delighted with how gradually, social media and connectivity helped increase my studio reach the people of the city. I am successfully able to revive the project and have even started to get bookings from nearby as well as other areas. I was able to retain my staff and hopefully after the situations gets better, I will able to expand,” said Manjari Bhutra, small business owner. In the words of Mukund Chaudhary, owner of private coaching centre, “I am getting queries from students outside Jaipur as well. We have been able to hire teachers who are sitting afar but can teach online. The profession of teaching has benefitted from the online education wave and good connectivity enabled by the presence of mobile towers in my locality has helped in this process. I am happy with my online teaching set up.” 

Maj Vishal S Raghuvanshi, CCEO-Rajasthan, Indus Towers said, “The COVID 19 pandemic has highlighted the positive and the critical role played by telecom infrastructure enabling internet connectivity across the villages and cities in India. Whether its everyday work or job, studies or even our daily chores, being connected is central to all operations. We are proud of the effort put by our teams in enabling communication in Rajasthan, even in the face of such adversities. Our last mile field team and technicians demonstrated our ethos of ‘Putting India First’ through their tireless efforts to ensure seamless connectivity surmounting unprecedented challenges. Going forward, we will continue to create a robust and efficient telecom infrastructure aligned with our vision of transforming lives by enabling communication.”  

Supporting the country’s fight against COVID-19 as a committed partner, Indus Towers has been working relentlessly in Rajasthan ensuring an average uptime of 99.95% during the lockdown period and the following months. While adhering to social distancing norms, Indus Towers is playing a crucial role in keeping the 8163 mobile towers and 15533 tenancies operating and enabling seamlessly connectivity across the state especially during the period of lockdown. 

Recently, Indus Towers has also installed a tower in IIT Kharagpur to enable customers in providing online education to students. Indus has always enabled connectivity in India, in the face of calamitous natural disasters and adversity. At present, the field employees of Indus Towers are enabling 24x7 connectivity for smooth functioning of the essential services as well as the digital operation that are dependent on the company’s infrastructure. The field personnel of Indus Towers have equipped themselves with the necessary safety gear and working round the clock, even in designated hotspot regions. They have ensured continuous functioning of the mobile tower, which is most critical when it comes to enabling connectivity.

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