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Live your life, the way you want with 'TRANSPLANT HELP THE POOR FOUNDATION'

17th May is observed as Worlds Hypertension Day. The day is dedicated to highlighting the importance of monitoring blood pressure and spreading global awareness to billions of high blood pressure patients, suffering worldwide. 

Though this seems to be a very common issue it’s not. This is the #1 risk factor for heart disease, stroke, renal complications, and premature death. It is the major cause of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, or even kidney failure. However, science and technology have achieved a lot of advancement over the last decade. Fortunately, hypertension can be prevented by regularly keeping a check on blood pressure and through treatment. But if you are suffering from kidney disease or kidney failure, you can go for Organ and tissue transplantation.

It refers to the surgical procedure wherein an organ is removed and replaced from one human body to another. Both the recipient and the donor play a vital role in the process. This process can give you another chance of living your life. 

Organ and tissue transplantation sounds easy but there is a lot one needs to manage while going for the surgery. Money is one such issue that can't be overlooked by anyone in such a case. A kidney transplant can cost 7 to 10 lakh in India. The amount might be a piece of cake to you, at the same time, this much amount can be a huge amount for someone else. Hence, everyone can’t possess enough amount. In other situations, you may don't mind delaying it but in a situation, wherein a person is fighting from death, it is not possible to ignore or delay it. So the best way is to get financial help for a kidney transplant in India. There is various Organ donation foundation in India that can help you raise funds easily from generous donors around the world. And Transplant Help the Poor Foundation is here to provide a one-stop solution by offering financial help for a kidney transplants in India.

TRANSPLANT INDIA is the best organ donation foundation in India, located in Mumbai. This foundation believes in encouraging more and more heart, liver, and kidney transplants. Also, this foundation in India helps you in paying off your transplantation and post-medical care costs, without even taking a single rupee of your family's savings.

Along with promoting liver, kidney, and heart transplants, the 'Transplant Help the Poor Foundation', also provides financial assistance to underprivileged patients. Moreover, it aims at enhancing education and awareness, encouraging both cadavers as well as live donations.

It has undoubtedly been the catalyst of change for numerous underprivileged sections of society. People can utilize the donated funds for a wide range of health-related needs, including direct medical care, medical appliance, prescriptions, and the costs of hospital travel.


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