Remote Staff CEO Joins DTI-Hosted Webinar About Remote Work

Posted On Wed, November 10, 2021, 5:23 AM
Chris Jankulovski campaigned for remote work as an effective staffing strategy at a DTI-hosted seminar titled “Navigating the Future of Work.” He expressed his belief that going hybrid works and can be a sustainable solution for the future.

On September 23, Remote Staff CEO Chris Jankulovski talked about the future of work during a webinar hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The webinar is part of an ongoing campaign to commemorate 75 years of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Australia.

In the webinar, Chris discussed making remote work a permanent part of any business, diving deep into the reasons for going permanently remote, factors business owners need to consider, and things they can look forward to.

As one of the pioneers of remote work in the Philippines, Chris has always believed in the potential of remote work to empower business owners and Filipino professionals to achieve more, which is at the heart of everything he does at Remote Staff.

Chris also thinks that remote work is here to stay with or without the pandemic. Whether business owners adopt the 100% remote work arrangement or not, remote work can still be incorporated into their businesses as an effective staffing strategy.

“I always envisioned that one day there will be a future where there will be local hires and remote hires as side-by-side staffing strategies for every employer. Since it’s remote, there’s nothing stopping it from being offshore, hence the idea that I saw very early on.”

With Australian businesses in the Philippines having more confidence in the future of the Philippine economy and with its continuously growing IT-BPM industry, remote work will continue to thrive and become a permanent part of the future of work as Chris envisioned.

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