Seek Social Delivers High-Quality Digital Marketing Solutions to Manchester Customers

Posted On Tue, June 01, 2021, 8:48 AM
Branding and graphic design works are also a forte of the Seek Social team. The firm has delivered outstanding design solutions for startups that want an innovative way of introducing their brand to the market.
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Bury’s industry-leading digital marketing firm Seek Social goes beyond the borough to provide its excellent services to B2B customers in Manchester.

Founded as a startup in 2015, the company proves its excellence by being multi-awarded in the field of marketing and advertising. Businesses in Manchester that need high-quality digital marketing solutions now have access to Seek Social’s innovative and highly recommended services.

Servicing Manchester area

Seek Social has brought about the success of several Bury business-to-business (B2B) clients since its inception. Its pool of talents and acclaimed strategies enable the firm to expand its service area beyond the borough. Today, the firm is proud to serve other customers in the entire Manchester area.

Bury’s local scene lacked a full-suite digital marketing agency that delivers robust services until Seek Social came along. The agency comprises talented and passionate experts who have in-depth learning of SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing.

Seek Social’s Bury office serves as its headquarters where clients can avail themselves of industry-leading solutions presented by the firm’s technical professionals and creatives. The firm also offers its brand of services across the UK, with a significant portion of its clients being in Manchester.

The team, spurred by their success in Bury, decided to open the agency’s doors to B2B customers in Manchester. They cater to companies of all sizes and niches, taking particular care of small to medium enterprises or SMEs.

The firm provides exceptional digital marketing services at an affordable price to ensure that SMEs receive solutions worth every penny they invest in marketing. Indeed, Seek Social’s brand has become instrumental to many clients’ success from 2015 until today.

Seek Social owner Dean Braiden said that the company’s desire to serve B2B clients is the driving force behind the firm’s expansion in Manchester and the rest of the UK. “Our digital marketing agency dreams of being the number one go-to for people who want top-quality yet affordable solutions in online marketing and advertising.”

Braiden also believes that the firm’s core values enable the team to reach client targets and deliver consistent, satisfying results every time. The Seek Social team’s outstanding work allowed the agency to reach more customers, even going as far as getting worldwide attention.

Breaking barriers

Seek Social as a multi-awarded digital marketing company in the UK started as a humble startup in Bury. All the magic happened right at Paula Braiden’s personal laptop, their first office being her kitchen. Soon enough, the firm grew into a reputable agency with an impressive pool of talents and resources.

Not long after its inception in 2015, the firm was able to acquire more clients and earn the trust of B2B customers beyond the borough. It catered specifically to SMEs and startups that wanted a dependable digital marketing agency with remarkable affordability in services.

The firm promotes increased online engagement for companies through creative campaigns. Some of its offerings include search engine optimisation, graphic design, advertising, web design and development, conversion rate optimisation, and more.

Seek Social’s priority is to answer each specific need of a client. They achieve it by creating customised strategies based on real-time data and current trends. The team uses industry-leading techniques and best practices to ensure that every digital marketing goal is reached.

Braiden adds, “We are an agency that provides tailored campaigns for our clients. We want our B2B customers to perform excellently in digital marketing, which is what drives us to do our 100% every time.”

Digital marketing experts

Seek Social offers expertise and experience in different aspects of digital marketing for B2B customers in Manchester. Its most sought-after service is search engine optimisation or SEO, which earned the praise of clients and award-giving bodies alike.

The firm also receives accolades for its Paid Media solutions. its robust PPC strategies involving Google, Facebook, and other online platforms, allow customers to hit short-term targets such as increased site traffic and conversion rates.

Branding and graphic design works are also a forte of the Seek Social team. The firm has delivered outstanding design solutions for startups that want an innovative way of introducing their brand to the market. Since the start, the team has allowed several businesses to successfully enter a saturated market and stay competitive through distinctive aesthetics and branding elements.

Besides optimisation, the agency also enhances brand awareness by performing other digital marketing activities. Its expert team handles content creation and marketing, social media management, technical and local SEO, competitor and keyword analysis, and other solutions depending on customer demand.

Satisfying Manchester’s B2B customers

Seek Social’s services have reached all other parts of the UK including Manchester. It is currently handling several projects in the city for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies alike. The firm goes beyond Bury to reach out to clients who want a break from the typical online marketing solutions in the market.

A Manchester startup praised the agency for having a smooth-sailing digital marketing campaign, being given regular updates regarding their strategies. They also recommend Seek Social’s brand of services for other businesses that need quality B2B campaigns.

Another customer praised Seek Social for maintaining the balance between professionalism and friendliness. The team is easy to communicate with and are always ready with answers to queries and comments, making the collaboration worry-free.

Award-winning works

Seek Social was founded in 2015 and not long after gained recognition in the market. It managed to join the Best of Bury Business Awards final round within the same year, earning critics’ nod for being a digital marketing powerhouse.

They achieved the same feat in 2019, reaching the final round along with other outstanding agencies in Bury. In the same year, they also received the SME News prestigious award entitled ‘Most Outstanding Digital Marketing Firm of the Year, 2019 North West’.

Recently, Seek Social bagged another noteworthy accolade, the Clutch Leader Award 2021 Cycle granted by The firm earned the praise for providing top-quality services in the Advertising and Marketing category. The award-giving body,, is the UK’s top research firm.

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