Writers community become an influential group of freelancers, providing more than 50 jobs.

Posted On Sun, April 04, 2021, 10:08 PM
Group of 4 Writers is now a Community of 225 Subject Matter Experts, Translators, Proofreaders, and other Experts.

While the Corona epidemic snatched away the jobs of many people, on the other hand, the Writers' Community established by Ankit Kumar (Ankit Dev Arpan) for freelancers helped many people earn income from home.

The group, launched on 7 February 2020, was born with the same purpose that while on the one hand there will be a crisis, on the other hand, some people join this group to earn income with courage and constant efforts in an unnatural disaster like Corona. The Writers' Community first established contact with various book publishers in the country. This team of Hindi experts, like freelancers, took the work of publishing houses and got all the jobs done with quality. After working on the complex books of CTET and UGC NET for the Hindi subject, this team also worked on other Hindi language matters, including education, environment, mathematics, etc., besides Hindi subjects. Not only here, but this team also worked in other languages.

Working in some foreign and regional languages along with English, this team completed one year. Working on about 33000 questions and 14 books, this team also translated dozens of books and proof-reading about 20 books. Throughout this year, about 40 people got continuous work sitting at home, and from time to time, some other people also got the job.

The group, which plays a vital role in freelance through WhatsApp, initially with four people, has set up a team of 225 people who are skilled writers, subject matter experts, translators, and creatives of books. Today this team has worked with many other top publishers in the country, including Upkar Publication, Uphar Publication, Arihant Publication, Flamingo Publication, Danika Publication, Ramesh Publication.

Not only this, but the Writers Community has also started the translation work with Unacademy, which is in the top position in the education world. Thus, the Writers Community has become a better community employing skilled subject matter experts in the freelance sector. In this regard, its CEO and founder, Ankit Kumar (Nationalist Ankit Dev Arpan), says that all this has been possible under CEO and founder of the Official Factory Vaibhav Mehta's Sagarika Mehta's guidance.

Also, co-founder of Writers' Community, Shanya Das, and other diligent, hardworking, laborious, and subject experts Palak Aggarwal, Chahat Garg, and Jyoti Garg, Rohit Pandey, Ankita Kumari, Krishna Kumar, and Sanjeev Dubey, etc. have played an important role in it. He told that the community's operation has been possible only because of these mentors, writing warriors, and their work. 

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