Giant EHR Solution by AYN Infotech Planning to Make it HIPAA Compliant Software

Posted On Tue, March 02, 2021, 6:28 PM
AYN Infotech Limited, the leading technology company is committed to making its healthcare management software eligible for global use.
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With the research team for the USA and UK market, it is making sure that Cedar Health does not only offer world-class technology but fills global guidelines to make it provider & patient-centric. 

Cedar Health is a comprehensive cloud-based electronic records solution built with blockchain, IoT, and other emerging technologies to enable digital transformation in healthcare. It promises to resolve major healthcare challenges associated with billing, insurance claims, health information exchange, patients’ data privacy, and more. The chief technical & business analyst has architected this product to fall under HIPAA compliance guidelines to make it a multinational EHR product.

Need for HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare Products

The HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a standard for the protection of sensitive patient data. Organizations that deal with protected health information (PHI) must follow physical, network, and process security measures to ensure HIPAA Compliance. Healthcare entities (providing treatment, payment, and related operations)

and business organizations (having access to patient information and providing support in treatment, payment, or operations) are requested to meet HIPAA Compliance guidelines, otherwise, their products or services don’t get approval to be used by citizens of particular nations.

Here is how Cedar Health is planning to become a HIPAA compliant software:

  1. It is using blockchain hyperledger technology to make decentralized patients data and make it theft-proof. 

  2. All the information exchanged among the healthcare community will be shared with the time-stamped documents by which it will be traceable and no one will be able to exploit it for personal benefits.

  3. It will provide unique user IDS, automatic log-off, and encryption and decryption to manage data.

  4. It will keep the audit reports and track record activity on software

Link: Learn how what are the benefits of using blockchain-powered EHR software.

Cedar is designed using emerging healthcare technology and integrating IoT to simplify health information exchange. It is also addressing one major challenge that providers and patients face while using EHR software i.e. easiness to use. This product will be one of the most user-friendly software that will give providers less screen time and the luxury to focus on caregiving.

About AYN 

AYN InfoTech Limited is an independent, leading IT firm specialized in the emerging digital transformation as well as efficient Enterprise business applications (CRM, ERP, CBS, Healthcare) implementations, ranging from mid - to large-sized private- and public-sector organizations globally. AYN InfoTech is certified with ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27031:2011, CMMi Level 3, and HIPAA compliant. We work on innovative ideas by leveraging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and IoT to provide excellent products and services.

Our services are customer-centric and deal with the client’s business transformation objectives by transforming its people, processes, and technology by adapting to unique methodology.

Our business ethics and operations are guided by our vision to be the most customer-centric and valued Information Technology brand in the Industry.

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