Wisdom’s Digital Customer Experience Series – LATAM Will Focus on Reinventing CX Strategies in the Post-Pandemic World

Posted On Thu, November 11, 2021, 11:07 AM

Wisdom will welcome experts and thought leaders from renowned organisations for exhaustive discussions on streamlining customer experience in today’s hyper-connected, sensitive, and competitive Latin American market. The event will be held on 23 and 24 November 2021 virtually, focusing on how to use the right digital technologies and channels to establish distinguished experiences.

It will provide an excellent platform to the professionals and brands for gaining a deeper understanding of the CX strategies and models that boost customer loyalty and business revenue. Discussions with experts will also revolve around how the pandemic has impacted the CX and how the successful companies in the LATAM region have evolved their strategies to make a positive impact. 

The two-day event will feature interactive sessions, insightful panel discussions, informative presentations, and successful case studies to help organisations bridge the gap between customer expectations and services and, thereby, gain a competitive edge in the market. It will count on 4 advisory members and 20+ expert speakers from leading organisations including Clientrika, LinkedIn, PicPay, Nissan South America, OLX Autos Colombia, Ernst and Young, Electrolux, Vivo, Avianca, C&A Brasil, and many more.  

Key Topics:

  • Customer experience value chain analysis

  • Penetration and growth prospect mapping

  • Social impact of CX

  • Actionable insight-driven journey maps

  • Significance of brand power in customer experience

  • CCAAS (Contact Center as a Service) – contact center evolution/innovation

  • Design human behaviour

  • Experience leadership and implementation

  • UX development at scale: Surveys, Analytics and Online Testing

  • Exploring ways to adapt the employee experience in the future of work and  understanding how it will align with superb customer experience

  • Incorporating CX in the post-pandemic world

  • Rising adoption of CXM platforms to decrease customer churn rates to aid market growth

The Digital Customer Experience Series – LATAM will be crucial for brands that have been impacted by the global shift in the consumer demands post-pandemic and also for those that are looking for actionable insights to make their CX models more impressive. The event is sponsored by Acquia, Kenwin, and binds.co. For more information, please visit the official website at digital-customer-experience-latam.com.

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Ana Farina

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