India clinches the coveted title of Ms. International World

Posted On Mon, September 13, 2021, 6:21 PM
India is becoming a global sensation, climbing the charts in pageantry & sports. When accomplished individuals like Dr Akshata Prabhu win accolades internationally, they inspire others to break free from the stereotypes & follow what set their hearts on fire. This bodes well for India as such recognitions bring rich talent & culture to the fore

India is shining at the international stage in various sectors, including pageantry and sports (Olympics). This factor has brought the country fame and recognition on a global scale. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, who are these individuals that are flying India’s flag high in the pageantry industry? Allow us to shine the spotlight on Dr Akshata Prabhu, the first Indian to be crowned as the Ms International World!

Introducing Dr Akshata Prabhu

Dr Akshata Prabhu is a pediatric dental surgeon, CEO, wife to a former international athlete, a mother to a five-year-old daughter and a champion of women rights. She had a passion for modelling until she let it go in favour of her career journey in her twenties. 

As they say, when you have a path cut out for you, it finds you in some way or the other.  And just like that, Dr Akshata returned to her first love, but this time, through pageantry. A woman of substance, Dr Akshata desired to make a difference in her community and inspire women to pursue their dreams. In a patriarchal society where marriage is considered the be-all-and-end-all, Dr Akshata rose against this antiquated mentality to show that marriage and motherhood can drive women to find their calling. As the first step towards her dream, she started her pageantry project, The International Glamour Project (TIGP), collaborating with her husband, Dr Swaroop Puranik. This glamour project aims at giving women of all ages an opportunity to shine and pursue their dreams. Her project embraces diversity while offering a platform that provides women with a chance to express their true self, and not their looks. 

The Ms International World is a highly competitive platform, inviting delegates from all around the globe. Competing against talented women from different countries, while an enriching experience, wasn’t a mean feat, but Dr Akshata won the hearts of the judges and audiences alike. 

What’s Next for Dr Akshata and India in the Pageantry Industry?

Winning the Ms International World title is just the beginning for Akshata Prabhu. After cinching the crown, she said, “I have won this crown for my country and for every individual who has a dream. I want to influence, inspire and impact millions of lives across the globe through the platform provided by Ms International world”.

Being the first Indian woman to win this title, Dr Akshata has set a new benchmark for those aiming to make it big in the international arena. Moreover, she has opened doors for talented women in the modelling and glamour industry to explore avenues on a global stage. Through her platform, The International Glamour Project, Dr Akshata empowers and mentors young girls and women to bring transformation within and around. Simply put, Dr Akshata has paved the way for Indian women to celebrate their inner glamour and live a life with purpose and beauty. 

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