Event highlights of the webinar "Future of Marketing Automation for Businesses" conducted by Group Futurista

Posted On Tue, January 25, 2022, 5:38 PM

Future of Marketing Automation Virtual Event was a 1-day networking event with revolutionary keynotes, case studies, and panels. It brought together experts from the fields of E-mobility, Innovation, Sustainability, Utility, to understand more about the importance of marketing automation and how they can go about implementing it. A one of a kind forum to benchmark, to gain valuable insights about the challenges for using API Management in your business and to use it to grow your business.

Marketing Automation is very important in today's world as it progresses towards growth. That is why Group Futurista, a leading global events company, found a great need to host this summit for helping people gain insight into this new evolving topic. This virtual event took place on 18th January 2022. The event was specially meant for Finance, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Automation, Marketing and Promotions, Marketing Technologist, Marketing Analytics, and others. This event provided insights on how to improve campaign effectiveness with the use of marketing automation, personalization for business growth, predictive marketing using AI, marketing automation top players, processes, guides, and tools for automating your content marketing.

Michel Volpi discussed the 4 pillars of Marketing Automation which were data integration, A/B Testing, analytics, and insights, the third pillar being Segmentation/ Personalization, lead scoring, and vice versa. The fourth pillar includes building an omnichannel ecosystem. 

Chirodip Basu Roy said “43.8% people in his network feel that the biggest obstacle for marketers in delivering results is time to market and IT Dependency. At the core of personalization, we need to know each individual and that is the crucial make or Break moment of it and that's what data enables us to have.”

Mustafa Ali explained Predictive marketing by saying that it is a mixture of digital marketing and predictive analysis to figure out what customers are more likely to accept your offering if they experienced a certain marketing message communicated through a certain marketing channel. He also added that the ROI can go up to 17x as compared to marketing campaigns that don't use predictive modeling. 

Tara Petrin says "In a digital world, base networks and their opinions are very important and are the best marketing technique.” This gives us a glimpse of the future of marketing automation and one important aspect of it is the network we have. 

Paulo Gomes discussed the jobs that are in demand which includes jobs in the sector of Marketing Operations, Digital Marketing, Architecture, Developers, and consultants. When asked about the trends in Marketing Automation he answered that another trend is marketing technology, marketing automation will be in high demand. The demand is there as of now but will increase in the near future. He added to this by saying that one challenge in Marketing Automation is upskilling Marketers. 

Vassilena Valchanova talks about why automation is important in content marketing. To which she answers that it helps to save time, and later you can use this time in building the quality of your content. She also adds that you can use this time to plan your content strategy, do topic research, and lastly, it also helps to onboard new members. 

The event helped gain insights related to Marketing Automation and its use in making the companies grow in the future and reach great heights. The webinar was finally concluded with the announcement of the upcoming webinars by Group Futurista: 'Future of Financial Planning' and 'Future of Accounting Automation for Businesses' to be held on 24th February 2022.


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