The emergence of regional PR and its impact

Posted On Thu, August 13, 2020, 12:02 PM

 India is a land of diversity where many cultures reside together. With different cultures come different traditions and languages. The Indian constitution has given recognition to 22 languages. There is an old saying that without language, your communication remains incomplete. This is probably the reason why the PR industry has been branching out to regional markets for the past few decades. One can say that regional PR is a preliminary part of Public relations. If you look closely, you will see many public relation firms has emerged who only focus on doing regional PR. It is because today, brands have widened their target markets and are now approaching every nook and areas where they may find potential customers.

One of the most important aspects of regional PR is, it establishes a connection and gives way to clear cut communication between a brand and its audience. It is, therefore, important to mold brand stories to connect it with regional India. The more the connection with the region you are approaching, the higher are the chances of increasing your brand value amid the local people. Storytelling connected to the roots can do wonders for brand- win loyal customers, create a strong marketing strategy, increase sales, enhance brand visibility, and that too for a long period. Stating the importance of regional PR, Mr. Atul Malikram, founder of a renowned PR firm says, “Gone are the days when PR was limited to big cities only. Nowadays, every big-small town, cities, and villages are important for a brand. Attracting the audience in the regional market is not as easy as it sounds. The audience can only feel connected to a brand with captivating and engaging content. Therefore, in regional PR, you have to come up with creative strategies and execute them in such a way that it captivates its audience like a moth to a flame.”

 It is quite evident that when you approach a multilingual group of people, you have to communicate in their language. With each different state or city, you come across a different language, which means a brand has to convey its message in different languages. Suffice to say that, when you approach the public in their own mother-tongue, it gives you a touch of familiarity which in turn increases your credibility and gives you the power to rule the market. Moreover, if you look around you will see more and more influencers are born from the regional market, generating audience-friendly content with authentic storytelling ideas. It is not lost on the brands that more and more users are getting acquainted with social media from the market. This is why brands too are bee lining towards it. It is not wrong to say that regional digital is invariably going to be revolutionary in more ways than one in the years to come.

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