Vinod Krishnan Releases an Abhogi 2.0 Production with IndianRaga

Posted On Tue, July 28, 2020, 3:43 AM
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Boston, MA - Singer-composer and IndianRaga’s creative director, Vinod Krishnan, is set to release an Abhogi 2.0 music video with Hindustani singer Apoorva Deshpande this Saturday, July 25, 6 pm IST on the IndianRaga channel. This production is a sequel to the “Swara Sadhana” series that Vinod has previously released with IndianRaga, a creative arts start-up that nurtures Indian art forms in the new age. 

“The entire production was an idea that developed over dinner when we brainstormed compositions in Abhogi and the raga itself. Abhogi is one raga that does not have the note Pa, which is sort of the midpoint of the musical scale," says Vinod, who produced and co-arranged this composition. "Do you know those contemporary designers who create unique looking furniture? If you ask a designer, they will have so many ways to build it. I’ve felt the process is the same for musicians. Also, Abhogi isn’t a common raga picked up by contemporary musicians or by film music,” he adds. Abhogi is an eclectic ragam, some might also call it symmetric or striking. But, finding a way to blend the same raga in both Hindustani and Carnatic, and finding that sweet spot between genres is the artists' unprecedented effort into the production.

“The more you learn multiple compositions in raga, the more you uncover these hidden gems and mysteries in it,” the artist explains while talking about Swara Sadhana - the concept of ardently exploring the “swaras” or notes rooted in different Indian classical ragas. The Hindustani bandish is an original composition by Apoorva Deshpande, an IndianRaga senior fellow from 2016. The bandish describes a musical divinity, an abstract version of the all-knowing, and the mere idea to connect with the entity. She penned the lyrics with an abstract version of god in mind - “Tu Hi Mahakaya Tu Hi Gynani” as a divine someone who sheds light on things.

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