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Posted On Mon, May 11, 2020, 6:35 PM
A Piece Of Advice From James Ian Gillingham

Before you think of associating with a financial advisor, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. James Ian Gillingham has been educating people and investors all across the globe about the finance markets and the way their volatility can affect your money in the long run. If you know that you have come across the best professional that you can hire in your financial situation, the first thing that you should be aware of is your financial goals. So, without further ado, let us have a look at what James has to say about how to look for the most suitable financial / investment advisor.

Begin By Defining Your Financial Goals

If you do not have any financial goals, a robo-advisor maybe the best fit for you. But you do not just need investment management; you also need risk assessment and a lot of analysis about any particular investment portfolio that you are looking into. The purpose of all of this is to determine what you want in terms of finance and what your money goals are.

Considering Online Financial Planning Services

According to James Ian Gillingham, it is best to first understand how personalized financial advice works and then look for an investment portfolio that suits your income and expenses well. If you have a tight budget, going for online financial planning services could play out well for you. A traditional in-person financial advisor / consultant might be a little expensive. The former will be able to provide you with complete investment management advice along with holistic financial planning. The major difference is that the latter will be sitting with you in person and the former will be connected with you by phone or video chat. In any case, seeking the help of a certified financial planner will help you decide your financial goals and also determine where you see yourself in the coming 5 years or more.

James Ian Gillingham is a Singapore based investment expert and financial guru. His extensive knowledge about the global financial markets, asset management, and risk assessment among many other aptitudes has given him a strong reputation among all his colleagues and every client that he has ever worked with. An international innovator and a sharp businessman, James is an expert of foreign exchange market and understands how your relationship with your financial advisor should be.

Understanding How Your Relationship With Your Finance Expert / Investment Consultant Will Work

James says that it is very important for you as an investor to understand how much access you will have to your financial advisor. You should always know just how often that financial / investment consultant will be available to you whenever you need them. Whether it is through phone calls or emails, whether it is within or outside the scheduled appointments that you had agreed upon previously, it is important to understand that their investment philosophy always works in your best interest. Remember, a successful financial advisor / investment consultant is actually doing their job well when the finance market is down. If they can convince you to stick to the same policies and approaches, all the while encouraging you to never settle down or sell at the bottom of a market cycle, you have associated with a true and ethical professional.

James Ian Gillingham has always stuck by his clients through thick and thin. His relentless efforts in finding and suggesting the best investment opportunities for all his clients are quite evident. He has worked for the benefit of his investors 24/7 and this is exactly what has led to the dynamic and sterling track record that he has. This is the biggest reason that he has such a strong goodwill in the finance sector of various countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Uncomplicating Your Finances

James says that understanding how complicated your finances are is one of the biggest responsibilities of any financial planner / advisor and investment consultant. Whether you are looking for straight forward advice on your brokerage or 401K, or if you are looking for a bit of guidance regarding your inherited stock, a skilled and professional investment planner / financial advisor will have you covered. Whether it is about margin trading or retirement distribution strategies or a financial rut that an unexpected pregnancy or illness has brought you into, a reputable and reliable finance expert / investment consultant will be able to get you out of this complexity within no time.

James advises his clients never to spread their money too thin across multiple assets if they have a small portfolio. He understands that being foresighted and practical is also a very important characteristic trait of a financial planner / advisor. Therefore, pick an investment consultant who knows how the finance market works and has your best interest in mind.


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